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Geographic Information Service (GIS)


The Geographic Information Service provides access to GIS (geographical information systems) software as well as statistical and geographic datasets  

You can create basic:

  • political maps
  • thematic maps
  • geocode, etc. using the data that we have, or you can bring along your own data

We receive a number of data sets on deposit through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and purchases data that meets the research needs of the University



The Geographic Information Service is located on the ground floor of the Hillman Library in room G-7


For assistance or to schedule an appointment, please contact Tom Twiss or Mark Scott 


  • Project files are deleted from the GIS workstations on a regular basis
  • If you are working on a long term project, please notify Tom or Mark. Otherwise, your work will be deleted!
  • Reserve the use of the color printer for your final copy
  • The use of the color printer is for individuals working on GIS projects in the Hillman GIS lab only
  • Some data-sets carry copyright restrictions and can therefore only be used in the Hillman Library GIS Lab and cannot be copied

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